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DONE-FOR-YOU Bookkeeping & Tax Records!

How It Works

Track and code money with TALK and the TALK Accounting MasterCard in real time in three easy steps.


Spend Money

When employees use the Talk Accounting MasterCard to draw on the aggregated available funds1, their phone receives a notification in real-time that includes the vendor and amount of that charge.


Talk to your Phone

The employee is prompted to take a picture of the receipt and to TALK about the business purpose of the transaction. Then all the employee needs to do is say something like “I just bought three cases of screws for the Smith Road Project.”


Posted to Accounting

The voice recognition converts the recording to text. The text is analyzed and coded by the Artificial Intelligence and uploaded to your accounting software with the picture. The entire process takes 10-14 seconds.


  • Get real-time push notifications or text messages seconds after a transaction is made
  • Stop an employee card instantly with just one click
  • Control employee spending daily, weekly or monthly
  • Automatic lockout feature for unfinished transactions
  • Have custom cards for every employee
  • Only allow purchases based on category
  • Real-time push notification to business owner after employee card has been used
  • View employee recent transactions and card balance directly from the mobile app
  • Fund your TALK MasterCard directly from our mobile app
  • Notification of subscription charges so they don’t run on for years
  • Voice to text A.I. coding. No typing needed
  • View and manage past transactions on our web portal
  • Import the transaction, with a picture of the receipt, immediately into QuickBooks Online, Excel and other accounting softwares
  • Record the business purpose and capture receipts for transactions with our mobile app

1 Preset limits not to exceed $50,000. Some fees apply.

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